11 Common Menopause Symptoms and How to Deal With Them

If you’re in your late forties or early fifties, chances are you’re probably wondering if the symptoms you’ve been experiencing mean you’re in the menopausal stage. Well, according to scientific studies, the menopause age ranges from 40 to 58. So yes, you might actually be going through this particular phase in your life.

Menopause doesn’t happen abruptly. You don’t just wake up one day and discover that your menstrual cycle has stopped for good. This is why you need to be aware of the common menopause symptoms that you ought to expect or be wary about. This way, you can get prepared and will be able to tell if the signs you have are normal or if you may be suffering from a possible health condition.

Here are 11 common menopause symptoms to watch out for:

1. Trouble in Sleeping Paradise
It’s not uncommon for women to experience sleeping problems when they are in the menopausal stage. This can be brought on by sweating during the night, the roller-coaster of emotions, and neurological edginess, all of which are also symptoms of menopause.

Hence, if you are becoming insomniac, it may be caused by this phase. You ought to establish a sleeping pattern, avoid your stressors, and work on a healthier lifestyle.

2. Just So Exhausted
Because you now have a lower level of estrogen, it’s typical for you to experience fatigue too. You’ll tend to get this feeling of exhaustion more often than usual. However, be assured that this is just temporary and you can overcome it easily or manage it well especially if you ensure that you get sufficient rest, exercise, and proper diet.

3. Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
Many women have long been reporting these sudden sensations of heat and sweating throughout the day and often at night. They are very common for those undergoing menopause. This is why you must make sure to keep yourself hydrated all the time as well as dressed in cooler, breezier clothing. As much as possible, avoid spicy foods and stay in cool places.

4. Simply Not in the Mood
Mood swings are fairly common too. Don’t be surprised if you feel joyful and excited one moment and then anxious and depressed the next. Many women become highly emotional when going through menopause. It’s quite similar to the regular PMS, but a little more hyped.

It’s important for you to stick to your routines and avoid frequent and major changes while you’re in menopause. If you can, try to engage in hobbies and activities that make you feel good. Spend plenty of time with positive people too.

5. Swirling Feelings of Negativity
Do you know that a lot of menopausal women are likely to have a lack of drive and focus and often feel miserable, anxious, and insecure? Because of such negative emotions, it’s vital for you to get involved in relaxing and entertaining activities, to avoid toxic situations and people, and to keep yourself looking beautiful and youthful. All of these will certainly help fight off the negativity.

6. Throbbing Pain in the Head
Due to the instability of your vascular system during menopause, you are likely to also experience throbbing pain in the head or even lasting, bothersome migraines. Yes, you’re allowed to take painkillers for these headaches but it’s best that you consult your doctor first.

7. Irregularities in Menstruation
Naturally, the most obvious sign of menopause is menstrual irregularities. Sometimes your period will last shorter than usual. There will also be times that it’s longer. You might be surprised too to suddenly get your period when it’s not time. Just watch out for heavy bleeding and other odd signs such as unusual discharges. In such case, you ought to go to your doctor at once.

8. Dry and Static Down There
Sorry to say that your sex life will definitely not be as active as before due to vaginal dryness and decrease in your libido. There are certain meds that can help manage these symptoms and you might also consider using lubricants. However, you essentially just have to sit it out and wait for it to pass. But of course, in the meantime, getting closer with your partner in other ways should prove to be beneficial in many ways.

9. Menopause and Weight Gain
With age comes a slower metabolism. And when menopause combines with this, the result is weight gain. You might notice your arms getting flabbier, your cheeks and neck sagging, and your thighs growing bigger. You’ll feel heavier too and will tend to get tired easily.

Well, even in your forties or fifties, it’s always good to make exercise part of your regular routine. This will not just shed off some pounds, but will tone your muscles and remove excess fats. What’s more, pay extra attention to your beauty regimen and consider undertaking some anti-aging methods for your body and overall appearance.

10. Can’t Seem to Remember
It’s not only menopause that causes memory lapses or forgetfulness, as well as a slower learning capacity or mental ability. In general, this really occurs as you get older. However, many women have associated such symptoms with menopause although there is no direct link.

Nevertheless, it’s important to include it here to remind you that you must come up with ways to keep your brain actively functioning. Read books regularly, engage in puzzles and other mind exercises or games, and communicate constantly with different people young and old. These are examples of what you can do to avoid succumbing to memory and cognitive problems.

11. Dry Skin and Decreased Skin Elasticity

Menopause can cause your skin to become drier and less elastic, which makes you more prone to wrinkles and saggy skin. To help prevent wrinkles and preserve skin elasticity, use a vitamin infused skin cream designed for menopausal skin, and protect your skin fun the sun since that will exacerbate the speed of wrinkle formation.

One way to counter the appearance of these symptoms is to use our NeckTITE magic strips for an instant neck lift that’s affordable, painless, safe, and effective. You can easily apply these skin-friendly strips on a regular basis, thus never worrying about sagging skin or wrinkles on your neck.
Being aware of these common menopause symptoms and gathering some tips on how to manage them will prepare you well for this inevitable stage in your life as a woman.

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How to Dress Up Your Man for the Formal Occasion

Generally, men may seem to have it easier than women when it comes to dressing up for a formal event. This is why you ought to remind your man to stock up on one or two basic suits that he can grab from the closet when the occasion strikes.

Most men are oblivious about fashion and sort of clueless especially when it comes to formal attire. This is where you come in! Naturally, you want to look good together with your partner, so you must educate yourself on the basic tips involved when men dress up for formal events.

Play It Safe with a Suit
If the invitation says “formal attire”, your safest bet is to have your man wear a suit. This means that he’ll need a black evening coat or at least one that comes in a dark color and matches his slacks or dress pants. Make sure that the material and design are fitting for the occasion. Also ensure a good fit.

There are some men who like to veer away from the classic and experiment with more fashionable options. If your man’s personality and sense of style allow him to pull this off, and if he has had some experience in this matter, then go ahead. However, if both of you are uncertain regarding men’s formal wear, just remember that you won’t go wrong with the classic formal suit.

Use White Long Sleeves
The basic rule of thumb when it comes to what your man ought to wear under his tux or coat— put on white long sleeves. Choose the Oxford type or what’s known as a dress shirt. The black and white ensemble will usually work in these formal events.

Nonetheless, you can also opt for a pastel shade such as light blue, cream, or even pink, especially if the trimmings of the coat match the color. If you’re going to be shopping for a formal suit for your man or planning to have one custom-made, it would be good to check out pictures on the Internet to have a better idea about your options in terms of colors and designs.

Remember to discuss the plan with your partner to avoid arguments and unexpected surprises. After all, he’ll be the one wearing the outfit, not you.

Don’t Forget the Tie
Either you let him go for a bowtie or a necktie with his coat and dress shirt. This is the part where men can mildly go off the black, gray, and white hue range. Make sure, though, that the color and pattern go well with the rest of the tux or suit. It would be good as well to make the tie match the color of your dress or gown.

During formal occasions, keep in mind that it’s best to avoid using funky or whimsical prints on the tie, unless he really intends to make a statement or to stand out.

Wear Dress Pants Only
Please remind your man to wear dress pants only. If he doesn’t own a pair, then this is your chance to buy the right one for him. At least you can pick actual pants that would look great with the rest of the suit. This way, you can also ensure evasion of corduroys, denims, and tweeds that may not be so formal-looking and may ruin the entire look.

Complete Your Suit with the Right Shoes
Take note that the shoes should also complement the formal attire. Don’t leave it up to your man if you have even the slightest doubt that he’ll show up in his good ol’ sneakers or loafers!

When it comes to dress shoes, it’s always proper to wear the Oxford type. Keep them clean and polished.

Men don’t need any makeup, though, so you don’t have to force him to put on some foundation and a touch of natural-looking lipstick. Just make sure that his hair is nicely combed. Style it with some gel or mousse if necessary.

And as your finishing touch, why not share some of your NeckTITE magic strips? If he is in his fifties or above, there’s a big chance that his neck is also in dire need of smoothening and clearing up. He’ll certainly be fascinated and pleased with how this amazing technology can make the wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines disappear instantaneously! Both of you will look even younger and much better with these fantastic skin-friendly invisible strips. Enjoy!

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Renewing Old Ties Without Showing Your Age

Is your 20th, 30th, 40th, (or even more) reunion coming up? Do you normally go about your daily existence fairly at peace with your life, yourself and the way you look, but all of a sudden, you’re looking into the mirror and you feel like what’s staring back is a portrait of your sweet old grandmother? If you would like to learn how you can make the years vanish, regardless of your age, and without difficult, risky and painful surgical intervention, read on…

Forget About Good Genes

Stop striving to make yourself feel better by attempting to convince yourself in advance that surely everyone else will be showing their age, too. The way that the others will look has nothing to do with how youthful you can look, and just by one simple little trick. No one will know but you, and you’ll have everyone wondering just what it is about you. Sure, they’ll chalk it up to good genes, a healthy lifestyle and on and on… but you alone, will know the secret. And you can easily and affordably give yourself the look that no amount of preventative measures nor excellent ancestral heritage could possibly give you, ever.
Look Like You’re too Young to be Attending Your Reunion

NeckTITE Magic will make you look like you showed up at the wrong reunion, that you actually belong at the reunion of the class that graduated a decade or more prior to your actual graduation date, and it’s so easy to use! When a fountain of youth is so accessible, so affordable, anyone would be crazy to pass it up. There’s plenty of evidence that NeckTITE Magic really works, too!

An Instant Neck Lift

Instantly erase all those unsightly lines, folds and wrinkles around your neck by a simple procedure. NeckTITE Magic is a clear, specially engineered tape that you place behind your neck, and it secures wrinkled skin on the front of your neck to make it taut and youthful looking. They are latex free and disposable. Simply use your NeckTITE Magic strip. and when you’re through, simply toss it. There will be another one waiting for you, as soon as you need it. These magic strips are entirely skin-friendly, and while they will hide your neck wrinkles dependably for up to ten hours, they are moisture resistant and invisible.

You can attend your reunion confidently and expect everyone to tell you that you haven’t changed a bit. Don’t tell them why…

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Looking Younger Than the Other Mother

When your child – son or daughter, it doesn’t matter which – gets married, you want everything to go perfectly.  Meeting the in-laws, the celebrations, the bridal shower and of course, the wedding day itself.  As stressed out as you may become helping (and you know you’re going to put your two cents’ in whether or not it is asked for) with the arrangements, one thing you know for sure is that you want to look as good, if not better, than the other mother.

It’s all about the bride – not!  The bride will get plenty of attention, but you want to look and feel beautiful in the pictures and to the guests.  You want your child to have pride that you are still stunning.  You want your husband to look at you on your child’s wedding day with the same light in his eyes that he had on your own wedding day.

Finding the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and the accessories to complete the look is important, but you can take that one step further with Neck Tite Magic.  You can instantly take years off with this magical beauty aid.  Amaze your child, the wedding guests, your husband, and perhaps especially the other mother, with your youthful appearance.

Looking your best has never been easier or more painless.  Who needs Botox, painful and frightening surgery and hundreds of dollars in beauty creams to make your neck look young?  Not you, because you have discovered the miracle of Neck Tite Magic.

On the morning of the wedding, when you put on your grandmother’s pearls or the diamond pendant your husband bought you for the occasion, after you have applied this magic tape, you can admire your firm neck and know that you may have ten pounds on the other mother, but you look at least that many years younger!

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7 Worthwhile Anti-Aging Supplements You Should Consider

You’ve probably been going over several anti-aging systems or trying out a couple of anti-aging products just to improve your appearance and even better your overall health. With the increasing amount of pollution in the environment and the potential risks that people are faced with each day, it’s no wonder more and more anti-aging supplements are coming out in the market to provide solutions for aging effects.

It can definitely be confusing to pick which of these products or supplements to check out. Well, to give you an idea, here are the top ingredients or nutrients that you must look for in anti-aging supplements:

1. Resveratrol
A lot of research has been poured into resveratrol ever since it was discovered. After all, this highly effective antioxidant is said not just to make you look and feel younger but also to actually extend your living years.

Known as the “red wine” substance, resveratrol is a polyphenol that’s been found present in various berries and also in grape skin. Different studies show that it’s good for the heart, effectual in keeping cells healthy, and valuable for increasing your lifespan. Hence, it’s certainly one of the top anti-aging supplements today.

2. Coenzyme Q10
Because this particular nutrient is important for your cells to perform their basic functions, your body naturally produces it. However, as you age, the production slows down. There is thus a need to supplement the amount in order to continue supporting your cellular functions as well as to avoid a decline in your cognitive capacities.

Furthermore, coenzyme Q10 has also been proven helpful in lowering the risk for heart disease, especially when it’s combined with other potent supplements.

3. Selenium
This specific mineral is known for its potency in providing skin protection against the UV rays of the sun. Not only will it help prevent wrinkles from developing due to sun exposure, but it can also promote better tissue elasticity. This is necessary to slow down the aging process of the skin and allow you to continue looking youthful and healthy despite growing older.

What’s even better is that selenium has been proven a good supplement in the prevention of skin cancer and other types of cancer. And aside from supplementary pills, you can get it from garlic, seafood, and eggs.

4. Berries
Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and other types of berries are very popular for their antioxidant content. This is why they have been found helpful in combating the degenerative effect of free radicals and thus helping people avoid disease and delay aging.

It’s best to go for supplements that don’t just have extracts from these berries but actually integrate whole fruit blends. These are bound to give you better-looking skin while also providing a whole range of wonderful health benefits for your entire body.

5. GLA Sources
GLA stands for gamma-linolenic acid. It’s a kind of fat that can actually bring about healthier skin along with much better hair and nails. Because it’s not commonly found in the regular diet of an individual, it’s advisable to take supplements. Great sources of GLA include black currant oil and primrose oil.

When you intake more GLA, you can enjoy a youthful appearance in which you don’t need to worry about wrinkly skin, dry hair, and weak nails.

6. Fish Oil
Numerous individuals today are taking fish oil supplements. This is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, which are well-known for helping brain function and improving memory. Learning skills can also be enhanced when you regularly take such supplements.

Just imagine how younger you’ll seem when you still have a sharp memory, quick learning ability, and good brain function! What’s more, scientists have long found out that omega 3 fatty acids are able to provide longer telomeres which refer to a particular type of DNA or genetic material. People with longer telomeres are found to live longer.

7. Multivitamins
Many people continuously take multivitamins to boost their immune system and keep them stress-free. Indeed when you come to think of it, such effects actually lead to a longer life. This is why these multivitamins are also essential for anti-aging.

Vitamin E, in particular, is valuable for anti-aging because it protects cell membranes and renders free radicals inactive. It also controls cancer cell growth and promotes healthy, sun-protected skin. Vitamin C also works hand-in-hand with Vitamin E because it’s able to repair damaged cells and even revamp the free radicals so they can’t cause cancer and can’t hasten aging.

These anti-aging supplements are certainly worth checking out. If you encounter anti-aging systems which are similar in content, then perhaps they are also creditable.

And while these nutrients and antioxidants are busy fighting the aging process inside your body, you can of course make use of our NeckTITE magic strips to give you that youthful neck appearance in an instant! Yes, these invisible and hypoallergenic strips are safe, effective, and handy. You can easily pack some in your bag and apply quickly on your neck for a fast beauty fix that will last for about 8 to 10 hours.

More than any of these anti-aging systems, always remember to be grateful for what you have and to always look at the brighter side of things. Such an attitude will do wonders for delaying the aging process and for making you look a lot younger and happier.

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Top 3 Non-Surgical Neck Lift Options to Consider

No matter how fit your figure seems to be or how smooth and tightened your face appears, having some folds and lines on your neck will give away your real age. Sagging skin on the neck is dreaded by many women because it’s certainly unsightly and can ruin your entire look.

For this reason, neck lift surgery has become quite popular. However, it’s scary and uncomfortable while also posing some medical and health risks. What’s more, it’s definitely burdensome on the budget.

But don’t worry. Not all is lost, for there are now several neck lift alternatives which are non-invasive or non-surgical. Here are the top three that you might want to consider:

1. Ultherapy
If you want a face or neck lift without the knife, this is one procedure that you can look into. It targets the skin’s deeper layers in order to work on improving collagen growth and thus firming the skin and making it healthier and younger-looking. After all, as you get older, regular collagen production lessens. This results in faster aging and sagging.

With ultherapy done through an ultrasound-like device, you can enjoy a better-looking neck without undergoing an invasive procedure. However, the pain and discomfort are basically still the same.

When it comes to the cost, this is certainly less. Its price ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 while the regular neck lift cost is from $3,000 up to $10,000! This is because sometimes, the surgical neck lift comes in a package that includes other procedures like liposuction, chin lift, and face lift. And even on its own, it is still pricier than ultherapy.

2. Radio Frequency
You’ve probably heard of the radio frequency technology, which is fast becoming widespread and popular these days. More known as RF, it’s often applied to the face, neck, arms, thighs, and tummy area for many beautifying purposes. It brings about plenty of great effects such as slimming, tightening, cellulite removal, contour reshaping, and acne treatment.

If you have sagging skin on the neck, this is one alternative that you can opt for. It’s an ideal procedure for making you look much younger and more beautiful. It’s a fast procedure, non-invasive, safer, and more affordable too.

3. Instant Neck Lift Strips
If you’re really determined to avail of a neck lift without surgery, you should also take a good and long look at our NeckTITE magic strips. These invisible, easy-to-apply strips have been used by a lot of women already and are considered skin-friendly, safe, comfortable, and effective. They can give you that instant non-surgical neck lift without the need to go to a clinic, undergo any procedure and recovery period, or spend a fortune. If you want instantaneous results, then this is the way to go.

You can conveniently keep the strips in your purse and bring them with you should you suddenly need one. Don’t worry because each strip can actually last for about 8 to 10 hours, giving you a clearer, smoother, and more youthful neck. Enjoy the wonders of this avant-garde, painless, and effectual technology.

With these 3 non-surgical neck lift options, you can surely pick one or two that you would like to apply in order to enhance the appearance of your neck and take off years from your overall look.

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Practical Home Remedies for a Younger-Looking Neck

Aside from the corners of your eyes, another part of your body that’s most susceptible to wrinkles and age spots is your neck. And because this area reflects how old you are and is often exposed, you ought to take good care of it in order to seem younger.

Take a good look at these 6 home remedies that can help you achieve a younger-looking and more beautiful neck.

What to Eat
As health buffs and skin experts say, what you put into your mouth and digest in your stomach have a lot to do with what’s reflected on your skin. What you consume in your regular diet has a lot to do with delaying the aging process and thus keeping those wrinkles and fine lines at bay, whether on your face or neck.

It’s important for you to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of sources for vitamins A, C, and E. Make sure to include more dark green and leafy veggie as well as citrus fruits in your daily meals. As a result, you’ll be inclined to enjoy slower aging and smoother skin.

What to Apply
Instead of going for a neck lift surgical procedure, there are different homemade creams that you can prepare at home and apply on your neck. Egg whites, honey, olive oil, and potatoes are some of the kitchen goodies that you can use in these homemade concoctions in order to promote a wrinkle-free neck. It’s easy to research the recipes online and follow them in the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, you may also use the same moisturizer, night cream, and sunscreen on your neck that you use for your face. The same potent ingredients will definitely bring about the same results on your neck.

What to Do
Exercise is also important if you want to ensure a smoother, clearer, and younger-looking neck in the long run. Even if you’re not that old yet, you ought to practice these simple stretching exercises, such as lifting your neck upward and reaching out to kiss the sky. When you do this every day, you’ll tighten the skin and muscles in your neck and thus avoid sagging skin and wrinkles.

What to Wear
There’s a big tendency for older women to want to hide their necks. If you always wear turtlenecks and high-collared blouses and shirts, do check the material or fabric because it may be causing skin irritation. Also, covering your neck all the time is never an anti-aging solution.

Why don’t you try to put on our NeckTITE magic strip instead? It’s skin-friendly, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and invisible. It utilizes a great anti-aging technology that pulls your skin backward instantly upon application, without seeming obvious. What’s more, it can last for about 8 hours, keeping you beautiful and confident throughout the day without hiding your neck.

What to Avoid
Home remedies are becoming quite popular because they are easy to do, painless, and more affordable. Keep in mind that you should at all costs avoid too much exposure to sunlight, harmful chemicals, and x-rays. What’s more, avoid not cleaning and removing makeup from your neck before going to bed. These practices will certainly hasten aging.

Moreover, also stay away from eating oily, fatty, and too sugary foods. Junk food, smoking, and a lethargic lifestyle are big no-no’s if you wish to maintain healthy-looking skin.

With these simple yet valuable home remedies, you’ll certainly have that younger-looking neck in no time!

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5 Great Ways to Recapture Your Youthfulness

You may be aging according to your chronological age. But do you really want to feel and look your actual age? Well, aside from focusing on your beauty regimen and anti-aging supplements, it will also do you a lot of good to try and recapture your youthfulness through your overall attitude, interests, and behavior.

Here are 5 great ways that you can achieve this:

1. Dabble in Creative, Enjoyable Hobbies
When people get older, there’s a tendency to focus more on earning money and on taking care of the family rather than engaging in creative and enjoyable hobbies. Think of the things you used to enjoy doing when you weren’t so busy or stressed. Whether it’s reading a good book, collecting stickers, scrapbooking, or something else, it’s high time for you to explore it once more.

Take note that when you take up a hobby or several hobbies that you truly love, you’re likely to be less uptight or frazzled. You’ll get to relax more, which can do wonders for your youthful appearance and disposition.

2. Experience More of Nature
If you’ve been cooped up in the city or within the four walls of your house or office for a long time now, it will certainly be refreshing and rejuvenating to go outdoors and experience nature! Try hiking or biking while sightseeing. You may want to just have a laidback picnic with your family or friends outdoors rather than dine in a fancy restaurant.

When was the last time you gazed at the sunset in the horizon or admired the spectacular view from the mountain peak? Well, these simple pleasures of life, these little beauties of the environment, can have a huge impact on your anti-aging efforts.

3. Spend Quality Time with Loved Ones
People are meant to be with people, and this is why spending quality time with those whom you love and who care about you too is very healthy. If you like the company, then by all means hang out more.

Just chatting and catching up with one another without any particular agenda in mind will definitely soothe your nerves and keep you in a jovial mood. This way, you can keep those aging spots, creases, and sagging skin at bay.

Make it a point to schedule a weekly date with your spouse, with your children, with your parents, with your best friends, and with the entire family. Don’t consider it a waste of time because after all, this will also benefit you in the long run. It can give you a longer life and a better appearance and outlook on life. Keep in mind that relationships make you a happier person too!

4. Stop Sweating the Small Stuff
Perhaps you’re not aware that you actually sweat the small stuff more than usual. You lose it when the kids mess up the kitchen. You want to become hysterical when you can’t find what you’re looking for. You feel depressed when you don’t close that deal with the new client.

If you really, really want to recapture your youthfulness, you’ve got to learn to let go. You’ve got to choose your battles. And if you take the time to think about it, these things may not actually be worth being so angry or unhappy about. It’s true what they say about counting your blessings and taking the time to smell the flowers— these simple tips will make you feel younger and better.

5. Expose Yourself to Children and Pets
What better way to feel childlike than spend time with children? Follow their lead! Check out how a group of toddlers can play and scream all they want without any care in the world. From time to time, allow yourself to do this. Of course you can always pick the venue, such as at the beach or in an open park.

In addition, adopting a pet at home is always a good thing. Many studies show that those in their senior years who have pets are often healthier and happier. This is because taking care of a pet and having the precious animal cuddle up to you every day are simple yet surefire ways to make you feel good. It’s like having a best friend who loves you unconditionally and stays by your side in good and in bad times.

Try to apply all of these tips and you’ll soon find yourself looking and feeling young again. And while you’re at it, why don’t you put on our NeckTITE magic strips on a regular basis too in order to give your neck a youthful, wrinkle-free look? The amazing technology of these invisible, hypoallergenic strips allows you to instantly enjoy a clearer and smoother skin without any pain or hassle.

Every time you look at your reflection in the mirror, seeing a younger-looking you will surely encourage you to maintain a young-at-heart disposition.

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The Most Delicious Anti-Aging Fix

Going healthy and actively exploring anti-aging methods don’t have to mean depriving yourself of the yummy-tasting treats you usually enjoy. On the contrary, you’ll be happy to discover that one of the best desserts and favorite delectable indulgences in the world is actually a great anti-aging fix!

Yes, we’re talking about chocolate. Happy to hear this news?

Well, it’s been a known fact for a long time now that chocolate is also rich in flavonoids, which is a popular type of antioxidants. Dark chocolate, most especially, has a high level of antioxidants that have been tried and tested over the years to slow down the aging process and to repair damaged cells.

The Beauty Benefits
It’s funny how some people seem to think that chocolate can bring about pimples and other skin problems. In fact, research shows that the flavonoids contained in chocolate can actually soften the skin and even protect it from the damaging UV rays of the sun. Because of this, wrinkles are kept away.

Many studies in the past have already proven how chocolate, especially the dark type, can significantly help in making people look younger and more beautiful.

The Health Benefits
Due to the antioxidant content of chocolate, it’s also been shown to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. It’s good for keeping your cholesterol level normal as well as decreasing your blood pressure. Coronary circulation is also enhanced.

With these amazing health benefits, you can be sure to keep feeling young longer. When you’re hale and hearty, it also reflects on the outside. And since you can easily keep up with young people’s activities, then you’re bound to feel and look youthful too.

The Relaxation Benefits
Many people have attested to the relaxing and mood-boosting effects of chocolate. Isn’t it that you sometimes tend to crave for it when you’re feeling depressed, cranky, and downright tired?

Well, scientific research actually shows that this particular food is able to stimulate the production of endorphins which are known to provide the sensation of pleasure. What’s more, chocolate also has serotonin, a substance that is recognized for combating depression.

When you feel good most of the time and you’re able to keep yourself stress-free, then all the more that you’ll look much younger, healthier, and lovelier. Imagine— eating chocolate can help you achieve this! What a wonderful anti-aging fix, right?

However, if you’re looking for a quicker fix, you must try our NeckTITE magic strips. These invisible strips can easily be applied on the neck to give you an instant neck lift without the procedure, pain, and expensive cost. The next time you dine out, put on one of these strips for hours of a younger-looking neck as you sip a cup of hot chocolate or savor a delicious chocolate treat!

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Why Hypoallergenic Makeup Can Be Beneficial to You

These days, it’s quite common for most women to prefer cosmetics with the tag ‘hypoallergenic’. This specific term, after all, has become very popular over time, referring to a safer option that usually makes use of more natural ingredients proven risk-free especially when it comes to causing allergic reactions.

No Worries About Allergies

If you have sensitive skin and are worried about allergic reactions, it’s important not just to rely on the label ‘hypoallergenic’. What you need to do is to double-check the actual components of a particular product. After all, different bodies and skins will still have varying responses.

But of course, it’s more assuring to know that hypoallergenic makeup from a reliable and reputable company has most likely been dermatologically tested or perhaps comes with clinical studies. You won’t have to worry then about your allergies, especially if you intend to use the makeup on a daily basis.

Easy on the Skin for Daily Use

Hypoallergenic products are highly recommended for those who need to put on makeup every single day and even several times throughout a day. It’s a great way to still allow your skin to breathe and not get suffocated or stressed by so many chemicals.

Many high-end salons and reputable makeup artists often utilize hypoallergenic cosmetics in order to promote healthier skin. After all, they are known to be safer and lighter, which means that they are less likely to cause breakouts and other skin problems.

Anti-Aging and Protection

If you really want to continue protecting your skin while still being able to apply makeup regularly on your face and neck, you should go for hypoallergenic products. These are definitely more skin-friendly and will essentially also contribute to anti-aging in the long run.

Mineral makeup, for instance, is greatly advisable for different skin types and most especially for those with sensitive skin or with ongoing skin conditions. This hypoallergenic type is truly a gem in the beauty regime.

Women who are in their forties and beyond should certainly be more cautious in selecting their makeup. If you belong in this age bracket, chances are you’re in need of anti-aging tips in glamming up your look for various occasions. Hence, aside from practicing the use of hypoallergenic cosmetics, you ought to try our NeckTITE Magic Strip and watch the miracle unfold before your very eyes!

Our NeckTITE Magic Strip, as the name suggests, has garnered tons of praises and recommendations in the beauty industry and from many different clients. This is because the invisible, easy-to-apply strip doesn’t just provide instant wrinkle-hiding and skin-smoothening results on the neck. It is also hypoallergenic, thus considered skin-friendly and safe to use every day. Check it out today and try one with your hypoallergenic makeup for wonderful face brightening and neck lifting results!

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