12 Purse Must-Haves You Need to Carry With You Every Day

Planning to travel for work? Or perhaps you’re just going out for some coffee with friends or hanging out at the mall. Wherever you’re headed, remember to carry your purse essentials.

Here are the 12 basic must-haves you need to have with you every time you go out:

1. Cash
It’s not advisable to just carry around a couple of your credit cards when you’re going out. You never know when you’ll need a little cash. Hence, always stash some in your purse even if you’re just running a short errand around the corner.

2. IDs
Never leave the house without an identification card or two. Not that you’re considering getting into an accident, but you never know when these IDs will come in handy. Perhaps you suddenly have the urge to buy liquor for a quick get-together with officemates. Or maybe you need to show your ID in the grocery to qualify for a special giveaway. There are tons of reasons that may come up which will require such.

3. Mints
Even if you brushed and flossed well before going out, it’s vital to bring along some mints with you. It’s but natural to sometimes develop bad breath in the middle of the day. What if you meet a potential client along the way? What if you had to sit through a long seminar without talking and then have to meet up with your date afterward? In these situations, you’ll certainly need to freshen up your breath with mints.

4. Band Aids
A lot of women experience blisters in their toes, heels, or at the back of their feet. When you’re walking for some time in not-so-comfy shoes, you’ll definitely need to fish out a band aid from your purse. Or let’s say you get a paper cut in the office. At least you’ll have your band aids to the rescue!

5. Concealer
Bring a concealer along in your purse at all times so that you can cover up the blemishes on your face as well as the dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes, even if you did this already at the start of the day, you’ll need to retouch every so often. This is especially important when you intend to go somewhere else after an entire day of work.

6. Lipstick
Because you’ll eat several times throughout the day, there’s a huge chance your lipstick will keep on fading or getting removed. Hence, you must carry one in your purse so as to reapply every now and then. This way, you’ll always seem to have luscious lips wherever you go.

7. Aspirin
There’s nothing like a headache to ruin your day. Indeed an aspirin inside your purse is valuable when a throbbing head, common cold, or muscle pain suddenly strikes. At least you can continue to enjoy and focus on your activity.

8. Tissue
Pocket tissues are very helpful. In case you spill something or need to wipe off dirt and dust, you can make use of the tissue. Or maybe you’re sweating too much or you smudge your eye makeup with your tears. In such circumstances, you’ll also need some tissue. The reasons are endless, so better have some ready inside your purse.

9. Perfume
Make sure to include a travel-sized perfume in your purse that you can spritz on when necessary. As a result, you know you’ll always be confident that you smell your best aside from looking great too.

10. Hair Spray
If you intend to stay out a long time, it’s best to have some hair spray to ensure that you don’t have any stray strands sticking out. This is especially important when you have to look professional or if you’re planning to dress up for a night out or special occasion.

11. Hand Sanitizer
Germs often attach themselves fast to people’s hands. Just try to think of all the things that you touch on a regular basis. So many types of dirt and bacteria can stick to your hands and potentially cause harm to your hygiene and health. Thus, you ought to always be prepared with your hand sanitizer, especially before eating or putting on makeup.

12. NeckTITE Magic Strip
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