From Co-worker to Supervisor

Your hard work, the long hours you put in and your dedication has finally paid off with a promotion.  Someone did notice all you do and sacrifice for a job well done.  The initial exhilaration wears off, and while you are still full of pride, now you have trepidation.  You are no longer just another co-worker on your team.  Now, you are the supervisor of the same people you call friends and team members.

Making the transition from co-worker to boss can be difficult, frustrating and sometimes uncomfortable, so acting and looking the part, while maintaining the core of who you are is mandatory for success.

It is important to remember that even though you are the boss now, you are still a member of a team.  Your job description may have changed, but it is just as important or even more so to support each and every member of your team.

Effective communication with your team is an essential key to being the best boss you can be.  Keep your door and mind open.  Don’t forget that you were once the person on the outside of the door and offer the same courtesy, respect and fairness you wanted for yourself.

As the boss, don’t be afraid to take charge.  If you find that the co-worker you once teased for her occasional tardiness is now late several times a week, you need to take a stand so you are not being taken advantage of.  Your employees will respect you for your stand, especially if you remind them that you are on their side.

Look the part.  It seems that it is not uncommon for promotions to be given to younger, less experienced personnel.  Companies want a young and up and energetic feel that some believe is only found in youth, but you have broken that barrier with your strengths.  Still, it won’t hurt to dress to impress and look great every day.  So what if you’re fifty?  Nobody needs to know.  Neck Tite Magic is just for you!  Looking and feeling younger is easy with these wonder strips.  Take away years without surgery, injections or messy creams.

Remember that when learning how to transition from co-worker to supervisor, it will take time and patience, but you have all the tools you need to make a wrinkle-free transition.

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5 Ways You Can Make Yourself Look Younger in Photos

Isn’t it a real pain in the butt when you excitedly look at wedding photos or those taken in a recent event and then find yourself looking a little bit (or a lot) older than you really are?

Or perhaps if you’re already in your fifties and above, it’s actually been bothering you that you obviously look your biological age in pictures.
So what can you do to change this without having to go through long, expensive, and potentially harmful processes?

1. Makeup
It’s important not to depend on salons and makeup artists to provide excellent anti-aging makeup for you, especially if you need it on a regular basis. Hence, you need to learn how to perfectly blend your foundation and make use of cover-ups or concealers to achieve natural-looking flawless and youthful skin. Pay particular attention to your forehead, under the eyes, and neck.

What’s more, try not to use lipsticks, blushes, and eye shadows that are too dark or too light. Always emphasize your cheeks but not exaggeratedly.

2. Lighting
Another helpful element in making you look younger in pictures is lighting. At all costs, please avoid standing in the shadows or allowing people and things to cast silhouettes and dark areas on parts of your face and neck.

When you’re in the sunlight, choose your picture to be taken with a flashlight. And if you are indoors, opt for yellowish lighting that can soften your features and instantly fade away your fine lines, dark spots, and rough or flaky areas.

3. Positioning
In the same way that your body or weight can be manipulated simply by how you position yourself in front of the camera, your age may also be somehow lessened if you know how.

One reliable trick here is to jut out your chin, move your head closer to the lens, and straighten your shoulders. This will help you avoid emphasizing sagging skin. At the same time, you’ll be able to decrease or eliminate the double chin effect.

4. Photo Editing
These days, you don’t need to be a professional or well-trained photo editor to be able to make yourself look younger in photos. There are several apps that will enable you to do the same in just a few clicks!

In editing your photos, just make sure to soften, cover up dark areas and wrinkles, and brighten up your skin tone. You may even edit your makeup and the lighting in just a snap!

5. Neck Lift Alternative
It’s certainly a known fact that the neck plays a major role in making you look younger and more beautiful. This is probably why plenty of women choose to undergo the neck lift procedure.

However, the good news is that we’ve come up with the best alternative for this— our very own NeckTITE Magic for an instant, painless effect! With an easy-to-apply invisible strip, you can already enjoy a smoother and clearer neck with no signs of aging. It’s handy so you can bring it anywhere. It’s also skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, thus ensuring good health and appearance for your skin. Using the NeckTITE Magic strip is like having your neck restored twenty years back!

Combine this wonderful technology with the other modern methods discussed above and you’ll undoubtedly impress and magnetize people to your youthful beauty in the photos, not to mention to your actual splendor up close!

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6 Tips to Deal Better with Your Midlife Crisis

One of the biggest trials and tribulations that many individuals who are in their fifties go through is the so-called midlife crisis. When this strikes in your life, it leaves a great impact. Oftentimes it ruins relationships and fosters brokenness within people. And this is why you need to prepare well for when it comes.

If you are currently going through this phase now, all the more that you should not jump into anything drastic and instead try to understand first what really is going on with you. Seek help from your loved ones and from professionals and experts who can guide you through the ordeal. This way, you can deal better with it and overcome it quickly.

Signs of a Midlife Crisis
If you find yourself unhappy and discontented with your current life and lifestyle, and you have this nagging urge to do something radical such as buying an over-the-top expensive car, going for an extreme haircut, or even getting a divorce, you are very likely in the midst of a midlife crisis.

Other common signs include boredom and confusion, anger at present partner, yearning for a more intimate relationship, hanging out with newfound younger friends, a feeling of regret and depression over unaccomplished goals, impulsive decisions, and a great need for adventure.

How You Can Deal With It
So you’ve confirmed that you are indeed in a midlife crisis. How do you deal with it? Here are 6 tips to help you:

1. Acknowledge and Accept the Truth.
Before you can actually do something about your current situation, you need to acknowledge the fact that you are indeed undergoing a midlife crisis. You must accept this truth and realize that it’s only a temporary phase you must overcome.

2. Work with Your Partner or Spouse.
Be honest with your partner or spouse. If he loves you, then he will understand and work with you to get past this. View it as a new challenge, an opportunity to grow together and reach a new and potentially better state of affairs. Instead of lashing out at one another, look at your partner or spouse as a companion, friend, and teammate throughout this struggle.

3. Engage in New Roles and Activities.
Sometimes, a lot of those involved in this kind of crisis feel left out now that their kids are all grown up and are busy with their own lives. When they are retired, they somehow feel unimportant and unneeded especially if the only things that made them whole or defined them were their careers, businesses, and/or families.

This is why you must make an effort to engage in new roles and activities. Take up a new hobby, volunteer in the community, join a class, start a small business, rekindle old friendships, and make new friends. Sooner or later, you’re bound to gain a renewed feeling of fulfillment and confidence.

4. Focus on the Positive and Move Forward.
There’s a big tendency for you to focus on the negative rather than the positive when you’re in this crisis. Of course you are searching for what’s lacking in your life or perhaps feeling bad about what could have been. No matter how difficult, you need to do your best to direct your attention to the good things in your life. Learn to count your blessings. Start writing down a “gratitude list” every single day.

Instead of looking back, why not move forward even if slowly at first? Imagine wonderful days ahead. Surround yourself with positive people and expose yourself to motivational books, webinars, etc. Eventually, you’ll be surprised to see yourself changing little by little— for the better!

5. Take Good Care of Yourself.
You don’t have to succumb to an exaggerated way of making yourself seem younger, such as wearing inappropriate clothing. However, there are many ways in which you can take good care of yourself, especially your looks, so that you will feel beautiful and be able to boost your self-esteem too.

Take anti-aging supplements if you must. Dress well but suitably. Pamper yourself with beauty treatments, body massages and spas, and more. Buy yourself a nice bag, a new pair of shoes, or something else that could make you feel good about your appearance and about yourself in general.

In addition, you might find great joy in trying out our easy-to-use, proven safe and effective, and truly esteemed NeckTITE Magic Strips! With this unique product’s modern technology, you can enjoy an immediate neck lift that lasts for 8 to 10 hours. Hence, such handy strips can be used anywhere and anytime, enhancing your overall beauty and youthfulness.

6. Consult Professionals and Loved Ones.
Know that you can’t handle this by yourself. It’s essential to keep in touch with people you trust. Open up to your loved ones so that they can help you. Perhaps you can also consult a professional who can listen to your issues and guide you through the crisis until you rediscover yourself and the path toward your true happiness and contentment.

Hopefully, these tips will enlighten you and allow you to keep an open mind and a positive disposition about your present situation. Follow these tips to bring you closer to overcoming your midlife crisis and discovering the rainbow after the rain!

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Top Fears of Aging Women and the Reason NeckTITEMagic is in Business

Women all around the world worry about a variety of possibilities as they grow older. And though there is some variation as to what we are most concerned about depending upon within which nation we live, there are indeed some fears that women share all around the globe.

In America, the top fears of baby boomer women are:

5. Becoming Dependent on others

4. Cancer

3. Not Having Enough Money for Retirement

2. Eventually Being Left Alone

1. Losing Attractiveness

Does it surprise you that becoming less attractive is a larger fear for baby boomer women than even getting cancer, lack of financial security in later years, and even being left alone? It does not surprise us, for we share that same fear.

That same survey, done by the British health care company Bupa Health Pulse of the aging women in a dozen nations, found that British women of the same age were likewise most frightened of the loss of their good looks. However, when all of the answers of the respondents from Australia, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, China, and the United States were compiled, loss of independence became the top fear with 28 percent of all respondents giving that answer as loss of beauty dropped to the third spot.

We started NeckTITE Magic because, as I wrote above, we share your fear and we had experienced very little success tightening our necks and jaw lines with the lotions on the market and were also growing tired of hiding our problem necks with scarfs and other dressings. And, neither of us was willing to go the plastic surgery route. Our desire to look our best at special events is what lead to the creation of our simple application that instantly smoothes away lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around our jaw lines and necks.

We love helping others. And, while we do not have the power to help you financially prepare for the future, ease your fear of cancer, or keep your loved ones safe and alive, we definitely have the ability to help you keep your beauty. Please give our application a try and then when you are thrilled with the results, share the the NeckTITE Magic story with others. Together, we can help women around the globe conquer their greatest fear!

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What Makes the Neck Lift Tape a Wonderful Anti-Aging Alternative

These days, plenty of individuals are vying to look younger. This is why the anti-aging industry keeps growing and growing, because the demands just keep getting bigger too.

Instead of going for risky procedures that improve how your look and make you generally appear younger than your actual age, there is now a handful of safer modern alternatives you can turn to. One of the more popular and effective ones available today is the neck lift tape.

What is a Neck Lift Tape?
Imagine an invisible strip that you can attach to your neck or stretch out across the skin on your neck. The main purpose for this is to hide the sagging skin, folds, and wrinkles. As a result, you’ll have a beautiful, youthful neck to be proud of.

Not all neck lift tapes in the market are invisible, however. Similar to most face lift tapes, some need to stay in place for a while before you remove them for the actual effect. However, these may not bring about your desired effect as much and may not last for hours. You’ll have to keep reapplying if you intend to enjoy the look for a long time.

Indeed it’s better to go for the invisible type. Also ensure that the tape you’ll use will not be itchy or uncomfortable. Go for hypoallergenic and skin-friendly options.

Why Should You Use a Neck Lift Tape?
The neck lift tape is a fantastic anti-aging alternative to surgical procedures and even laser-type processes. It won’t cost you as much and will not entail you to undergo a painful, scary procedure.

What’s more, this alternative is found in easy-to-apply strips that you can keep in your purse and bring anywhere. It’s also much more affordable while still giving you the wonderful effect of a clearer, smoother neck and a more youthful appearance.

With our NeckTITE magic strips, for instance, you won’t have to worry about getting your neck skin toned and tightened. This product’s magnificent technology will truly astonish you in a good way. You don’t have to deal with any messy creams and agonizing surgeries. Just relish the instant neck lift and make heads turn when you pass by!

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3 Important Ways Yoga Makes You Look Younger

Aging is inevitable. There may come a time when you frown at your reflection in the mirror as you notice the wrinkles and fine lines. Whether you’ve already reached this point or not, you shouldn’t feel depressed. This will only make matters worse. What’s more important is to act on it, applying various anti-aging tips to help you look younger.

One great way you can achieve a youthful appearance is through the regular practice of yoga. You may want to enroll in classes or do it at home on your own. Here are the 3 important ways in which yoga can be beneficial for anti-aging:

1. Overall Health, Immunity, and Relief
As you stretch your muscles and continuously perform those poses, you’ll find yourself becoming more flexible and stronger. This will certainly make you feel better and will allow you to engage in a lot of physical activities that older individuals can’t participate in anymore. Furthermore, research says that yoga is able to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It’s also been known to decrease the risk for heart disease and stroke.

Another important effect of yoga is a much better immune system. This will protect you from diseases and give you greater energy. You can enjoy improved blood circulation, thus detoxifying your entire body and spreading the necessary nutrients to the different parts of your body. Hence, as an offshoot of feeling wonderful and healthy, you’ll surely start glowing too.

In relation to health, you ought to know that yoga has helped plenty of older people with their strained necks and backs, tense muscles, and other body pains. With the relief brought on by this exercise, surely you will also start to act, feel, and look younger.

2. Skin Toning, Smoothening, and Restoration
Skin is a major factor to consider in aging, because it’s what others see first when it comes to your appearance. The signs of aging become highly visible on the skin through discolored spots, fine lines, folds, wrinkles, rough surface, and more. Indeed you’ll need to take good care of your skin if you want to age gracefully and look much younger than your actual age.

With yoga, you can enjoy radiant, clear, and supple skin. Just ask those who regularly practice it and you’ll discover that one of the most common and greatest benefits is beautiful skin. In the long run, your skin’s elasticity can be maintained while oxidative stress levels are reduced. Your skin’s moisture will also be retained better. Damaged cells will also be restored.

What’s more, yoga will not just make you sweat like crazy but will help you shed off unwanted pounds. Along with this is the shedding of flabs and toning of skin, hence making you stay away from sagging arms, a bulging tummy, and a drooping face and neck. And of course when this happens, you’ll seem very youthful, probably even lovelier than those who are actually younger than you.

3. Brain Memory, Learning, and Mind Relaxation
Anti-aging doesn’t just focus on skin and body. It’s essential that you’re able to keep your mind sharp and smart. Being forgetful and stressed out will definitely reflect on the surface, causing your physical appearance to age too. Besides, when your mind is relaxed and alert and you have a good memory, all the more that you’ll feel and look younger.

In addition, studies prove that even just a single class of yoga will actually keep in check the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone. The end result— a relaxed disposition and a better memory. Also, you’ll be happy to find your cognitive skills still in place, not to mention the ability to keep learning too.

All of these contribute to a younger-looking, more stunning you! Embrace yoga and you’ll undoubtedly love the outcome.

Likewise, if you’re dead set on succeeding with timeless beauty, you ought to embrace our NeckTITE Magic too. This invisible strip makes use of a revolutionary instant anti-aging technology! The next time you want to go out and look your best, simply apply the strip on your neck to immediately take away the sagging skin as well as any lines and wrinkles. It’s made to be hypoallergenic, latex-free, moisture-resistant, pressure-sensitive, and definitely comfortable.

Just imagine— an instant, painless neck lift to further enhance your appearance and anti-aging efforts as you continuously engage in yoga for your long-term health and beauty.

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12 Purse Must-Haves You Need to Carry With You Every Day

Planning to travel for work? Or perhaps you’re just going out for some coffee with friends or hanging out at the mall. Wherever you’re headed, remember to carry your purse essentials.

Here are the 12 basic must-haves you need to have with you every time you go out:

1. Cash
It’s not advisable to just carry around a couple of your credit cards when you’re going out. You never know when you’ll need a little cash. Hence, always stash some in your purse even if you’re just running a short errand around the corner.

2. IDs
Never leave the house without an identification card or two. Not that you’re considering getting into an accident, but you never know when these IDs will come in handy. Perhaps you suddenly have the urge to buy liquor for a quick get-together with officemates. Or maybe you need to show your ID in the grocery to qualify for a special giveaway. There are tons of reasons that may come up which will require such.

3. Mints
Even if you brushed and flossed well before going out, it’s vital to bring along some mints with you. It’s but natural to sometimes develop bad breath in the middle of the day. What if you meet a potential client along the way? What if you had to sit through a long seminar without talking and then have to meet up with your date afterward? In these situations, you’ll certainly need to freshen up your breath with mints.

4. Band Aids
A lot of women experience blisters in their toes, heels, or at the back of their feet. When you’re walking for some time in not-so-comfy shoes, you’ll definitely need to fish out a band aid from your purse. Or let’s say you get a paper cut in the office. At least you’ll have your band aids to the rescue!

5. Concealer
Bring a concealer along in your purse at all times so that you can cover up the blemishes on your face as well as the dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes, even if you did this already at the start of the day, you’ll need to retouch every so often. This is especially important when you intend to go somewhere else after an entire day of work.

6. Lipstick
Because you’ll eat several times throughout the day, there’s a huge chance your lipstick will keep on fading or getting removed. Hence, you must carry one in your purse so as to reapply every now and then. This way, you’ll always seem to have luscious lips wherever you go.

7. Aspirin
There’s nothing like a headache to ruin your day. Indeed an aspirin inside your purse is valuable when a throbbing head, common cold, or muscle pain suddenly strikes. At least you can continue to enjoy and focus on your activity.

8. Tissue
Pocket tissues are very helpful. In case you spill something or need to wipe off dirt and dust, you can make use of the tissue. Or maybe you’re sweating too much or you smudge your eye makeup with your tears. In such circumstances, you’ll also need some tissue. The reasons are endless, so better have some ready inside your purse.

9. Perfume
Make sure to include a travel-sized perfume in your purse that you can spritz on when necessary. As a result, you know you’ll always be confident that you smell your best aside from looking great too.

10. Hair Spray
If you intend to stay out a long time, it’s best to have some hair spray to ensure that you don’t have any stray strands sticking out. This is especially important when you have to look professional or if you’re planning to dress up for a night out or special occasion.

11. Hand Sanitizer
Germs often attach themselves fast to people’s hands. Just try to think of all the things that you touch on a regular basis. So many types of dirt and bacteria can stick to your hands and potentially cause harm to your hygiene and health. Thus, you ought to always be prepared with your hand sanitizer, especially before eating or putting on makeup.

12. NeckTITE Magic Strip
Aside from making sure that your face is always nicely made up, the next part of your body that most people notice at first is your neck. This is why it would be great to also be equipped with the NeckTITE magic strip, designed to be easily and quickly applied for instant anti-aging results! If you want to look years younger and make your neck folds and lines disappear in an instant, you can do so with our marvelous product. It’s hypoallergenic, latex-free, and comfortable too. Enjoy!

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6 Simple Exercises to Help Tighten, Trim, and Elongate Your Neck

A lot of women, both young and old, are eager to have long and slender necks in order to look more elegant and stunning. After all, having such a neck helps bring out the beauty of your face while also making your body appear slimmer. Furthermore, older women yearn to tighten their necks to make the skin look firm and smooth as well as to prevent sagging as they age.

If you’re wondering how you can work on tightening, trimming, and elongating your own neck, here are 6 simple exercises you ought to do regularly:

1. Head Rotation
Many people tend to take this basic exercise for granted. You should realize that the simple head rotation actually plays a huge role in helping you achieve your desired neck.

Start by standing or sitting up straight with your arms on the sides. Center your head first, and then turn to the right. As you do this, try to stretch your neck while turning your head as far as you can. Hold for about two seconds before returning to the original position. Then do the same to the left. Continue this exercise for about 2 to 3 minutes.

2. Gulping Exercise
Have you ever noticed how a fish seems to gulp repeatedly, its lips parting slightly and then closing and then opening again. Well, you’ll get to experience it yourself when you do the gulping exercise.

Stand or sit up straight just like in the previous exercise. Bend your neck backward, reaching for your spine. Afterward, position your lower jaw in a protruding manner. Next, open your mouth slightly in a gulp and then close it again. When you do this over and over, you’ll feel the significant stretch on your neck muscles. Repeat for about 15 to 20 times in two separate sets each day.

3. Cobra Posture
Are you familiar with yoga? If you are, you probably know how to do the cobra posture already. Well, this position is actually not just for the lower back and hips. It serves to lengthen, tighten, and trim your neck as well.

First, you need to lie on your tummy. Second, place your hands in front of your hips, palms down, and lift up your torso with your arms. Keep your legs straightened and flat on the ground. Then look up and lift your chin and neck. Finally, tilt back your head slowly toward the spine and hold for 20 seconds. Do this exercise 5 to 10 times daily.

4. Neck Lift
The neck lift is an effective exercise for challenging your neck muscles and thus helping you achieve your goal.

This time, you ought to lie on your back either on a flat bed or a weight bench. Make sure that your head and neck are sticking out over the edge. Slowly lower your head and then raise it up again. You’ll surely feel the tension on your neck. Do this 10 to 20 times for each set. Perhaps start with just one set throughout the week and jack it up as you go along.

If you want more challenge, try holding a weight plate or even just two filled-up water bottles behind your head as you do the exercise.

5. Isometric Stretch
Even when you’re in the office behind your desk, sitting in the bus while on the road, or waiting in line somewhere, you can perform this easy and simple exercise.

The first thing you must do is to position your hands on your forehead. Next, jut your head forward but resist it with the slight force of your hands as you push back. Hold it for a few seconds before releasing and starting over. Every time you repeat the exercise, try to provide more resistance. You can do this for about 10 to 15 times daily, for starters.

6. E and O Stretch
If you don’t really care about looking silly while in public, here’s another stretching exercise for your neck that you can do anywhere and at any time. It’s beneficial for all sides of your neck.

Start by sitting or standing up straight. Position your head in the center and direct your eyes in front of you. Then slowly mouth the letter ‘E’ but with your lower jaw pushing forward. Hold it first for 3 to 5 seconds but don’t return to the original neutral position. From the letter ‘E’ position, move onto the letter ‘O’ in the same forceful manner and hold it again. Then form the letter ‘E’ again, followed by the letter ‘O’. Repeat for about 3 to 5 times daily.

If you make it a point to do these neck exercises on a regular basis, surely you’ll soon see the results you long for. Better yet, to confidently wear low neckline tops without feeling conscious, you should try applying our transparent NeckTITE Magic strip! As the name suggests, it works like magic in tightening your neck and making it look clear of any aging marks or signs of sagging. This skin-friendly, moisture-resistant, and latex-free invention is durable, effective, and long-lasting. Thus, you’ll surely be happy to make the most of your investment.

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Understanding the Side Effects of Neck Lift

Aside from the botox procedure and other similar tightening and anti-aging surgical processes often done on the face, many women in their fifties and up often opt for a neck lift. Yes, this will certainly help you enjoy a smoother, younger-looking neck. Just imagine how many years can be taken off your actual age when you do this, especially since the neck area is usually exposed.

Risky Business
Getting a neck lift comes with risks. After all, it involves an actual incision and the removal of fat through liposuction or cutting. The neck muscles are tightened and excess skin is eliminated.

Sounds yucky and painful? Well, you’ll feel numb from the anesthesia. Nevertheless, you’ll still feel a burning sensation every now and then, and you might also feel the pulling. What’s more, the entire process is bound to be uncomfortable and messy, not to mention expensive.

In the same way that such procedures come with the risk of infections, you’ll also need to be wary of this tendency. It’s important to watch out for discharges from your incision or wound as well as to constantly check your temperature during the recovery period. There may also be allergic reactions from given medications.

Recovery Period
Once the neck lift has been completed, you can’t just go back to your usual routine. You need to rest at home, take a break from work, and be sure to follow the recommended intake of medication. This period often lasts for about two weeks.

In addition, for a week or more after this period, you’ll still be prohibited from participating in sports and other physical activities.

Expect your neck to swell and be all bruised after the procedure. Thus, you won’t want to go out or attend any special events.

Indeed there are plenty of things that you have to know and prepare before, during, and after a neck lift.

Now that you’re well aware of the side effects, are you sure you still want to go through with it? If you’re having doubts, though, don’t fret. There are other ways in which you can enhance your looks without having to go under the needle.

With the progressive technology available today, we’ve come up with a remarkable product to help you with this problem— our innovative and very effective NeckTITE Magic strip! You can apply it within a few seconds only and the invisible adhesive will immediately make your skin wrinkles, lines, and folds on the neck disappear. It works for ten hours and is designed to be moisture resistant. Furthermore, you probably won’t even feel it’s there because it’s comfy and skin-friendly too.

With this great neck lift alternative, you’ll surely look and feel younger and more beautiful.

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What’s a Neck Cream?

Perhaps at one point or another, you’ve come across a neck cream in a beauty shop or saw one being advertised. If you noticed, this particular product is mainly aimed toward older women who want and need firmer, tighter, and smoother necks.

So yes, if you’re wondering what a neck cream is, it’s a beauty product applied topically on the skin of your neck in order to make it look younger and better by lessening or eventually eliminating sagging skin, wrinkles, and age spots.

How It Works
These cosmetic creams which are especially designed for the neck focus on utilizing an anti-aging technology that targets skin collagen. After all, the collagen naturally found in the skin is responsible for keeping the structure of your skin intact and thus making your skin look firm, supple, and healthy.

Pentapeptides are the compounds of amino acids that work to grow new skin cells which can manufacture more collagen in the long run. These compounds are said to be contained in the neck creams available in the market today. A lot of users have attested to the wonderful results due to continued use of the products.

Today a few companies have combined this technology with essential fatty acids to maximize the positive outcome. The formulations of such creams are indeed strong and concentrated, hence supplying sufficient protection from sun damage and providing age-reversing effects. In several weeks, users may already observe more youthful necks.

Why People Use It
More and more people are turning to these neck creams because they seem to provide a safer, easier, and cheaper alternative than surgical procedures such as the neck lift. Of course it can be quite frightening to go under the needle no matter how badly you want to have your skin improved. This is why a lot of individuals, most especially women, are giving the neck creams a shot.

As long as you’re going for reputable brands and checking out the ingredients carefully, then there’s really nothing wrong with trying out a neck cream. The guarantee is a bit doubtful, but it may be worth the effort.

Neck creams don’t work overnight, though. So if you’re scheduled to attend an important formal affair or would like a daily quick fix to address your aging neck, why not just turn to our NeckTITE Magic Strips? These hassle-free invisible strips have amazed a lot of people before and continue to delight our clients with their seemingly miraculous technology. They are easy to apply and provide prompt results. Definitely skin-friendly and comfortable to wear for a long time, you’ll have no more need for scarves and turtlenecks as you flaunt your newly restored and young-looking neck.

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