How to Dress Up Your Man for the Formal Occasion

Generally, men may seem to have it easier than women when it comes to dressing up for a formal event. This is why you ought to remind your man to stock up on one or two basic suits that he can grab from the closet when the occasion strikes.

Most men are oblivious about fashion and sort of clueless especially when it comes to formal attire. This is where you come in! Naturally, you want to look good together with your partner, so you must educate yourself on the basic tips involved when men dress up for formal events.

Play It Safe with a Suit
If the invitation says “formal attire”, your safest bet is to have your man wear a suit. This means that he’ll need a black evening coat or at least one that comes in a dark color and matches his slacks or dress pants. Make sure that the material and design are fitting for the occasion. Also ensure a good fit.

There are some men who like to veer away from the classic and experiment with more fashionable options. If your man’s personality and sense of style allow him to pull this off, and if he has had some experience in this matter, then go ahead. However, if both of you are uncertain regarding men’s formal wear, just remember that you won’t go wrong with the classic formal suit.

Use White Long Sleeves
The basic rule of thumb when it comes to what your man ought to wear under his tux or coat— put on white long sleeves. Choose the Oxford type or what’s known as a dress shirt. The black and white ensemble will usually work in these formal events.

Nonetheless, you can also opt for a pastel shade such as light blue, cream, or even pink, especially if the trimmings of the coat match the color. If you’re going to be shopping for a formal suit for your man or planning to have one custom-made, it would be good to check out pictures on the Internet to have a better idea about your options in terms of colors and designs.

Remember to discuss the plan with your partner to avoid arguments and unexpected surprises. After all, he’ll be the one wearing the outfit, not you.

Don’t Forget the Tie
Either you let him go for a bowtie or a necktie with his coat and dress shirt. This is the part where men can mildly go off the black, gray, and white hue range. Make sure, though, that the color and pattern go well with the rest of the tux or suit. It would be good as well to make the tie match the color of your dress or gown.

During formal occasions, keep in mind that it’s best to avoid using funky or whimsical prints on the tie, unless he really intends to make a statement or to stand out.

Wear Dress Pants Only
Please remind your man to wear dress pants only. If he doesn’t own a pair, then this is your chance to buy the right one for him. At least you can pick actual pants that would look great with the rest of the suit. This way, you can also ensure evasion of corduroys, denims, and tweeds that may not be so formal-looking and may ruin the entire look.

Complete Your Suit with the Right Shoes
Take note that the shoes should also complement the formal attire. Don’t leave it up to your man if you have even the slightest doubt that he’ll show up in his good ol’ sneakers or loafers!

When it comes to dress shoes, it’s always proper to wear the Oxford type. Keep them clean and polished.

Men don’t need any makeup, though, so you don’t have to force him to put on some foundation and a touch of natural-looking lipstick. Just make sure that his hair is nicely combed. Style it with some gel or mousse if necessary.

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