The Partners

The Partners

NeckTITE Magic, LLC was created to provide women in the 45+ age group an easy to use, innovative way of achieving an instant neck lift. The company has thrived under the leadership and guidance of its two experienced and passionate business partners:

Gail Tillinghast
General Partner/Product Designer
NeckTITE Magic, LLC

After working in the design industry for most of her life, Gail Tillinghast wanted to come up with an idea to help women like her look and feel beautiful once again. She invented the official design of a product that would soon be recognized as unique and revolutionary — NeckTITE Magic Strip. Developing NeckTITE Magic was an exciting endeavor for her since it was a very unique concept in the beauty industry. By creating a hypoallergenic and skin friendly product that provides an instant neck lift, she managed to provide women an alternative to expensive surgery, painful injections and messy creams.

Cynthia Cooper
General Partner/Product Services
NeckTITE Magic, LLC

Throughout her career, Cynthia Cooper focused on providing the best possible customer service. Over the years she has managed the customer service department of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI and has developed a highly successful and well-known AFLAC book of business. She brought her skills and expertise from her business endeavors to NeckTITE Magic where she focused on developing trust with clients and has provided valuable services to consumers and partners.

These skills have now led to the development of NeckTITE Magic, LLC, the most exciting endeavor in my business career! I am proud that our innovative product will help many women, like myself over 45+ years old. Using NeckTITE Magic provides a renewed and youthful appearance – diminishing lines, folds and sagging skin in the neck area. NeckTITE Magic is a new to market beauty aid. It’s designed to give women an “Instant Neck Lift”.