How It Began


How it all came about…… Many years ago having attended a girlfriend get together, I received a cameo photo of myself from a friend. When I looked at my photo, all I saw was this craggy, wrinkled neck – and I can remember saying to myself what the heck is that? I immediately ran to the mirror only to discover it was still there! OMG – when did this happen? I was beside myself. My face looked fine, I wasn’t falling apart elsewhere. Do you think anyone noticed my neck? Then I started looking at everyone else’s necks. To my surprise, there are a lot of craggy necks out there. Having been somewhat relieved discovering that – then started the turtlenecks, scarves, mocks, anything to take away and mask my neck.

Well, as the saying goes; “necessity is the mother of invention!” One evening I was going to a formal gala and I was going to wear a knock out gorgeous scoop neck cocktail dress but the only problem was “what the heck am I going to wear around my neck?” It was summertime, couldn’t wear a scarf – that would be ridiculous, so I frantically started to think….ok how about rows and rows of pearls tightly worn like a choker. That looked foolish – then it hit me, there must be something I can hold back a few folds with….aha, I took duct tape and applied it to the back of my neck and it held up for a little while, of course it ripped my skin off trying to remove it. But that, I must say was the beginning of the creation of NeckTITE Magic.

neck titeAbout two years into the troughs of my research – while at a function I overheard my friend while she was gazing into a bathroom mirror bellow “I hate my neck!” I looked at her and said, let me help…I applied a test strip (at that time) told her to turn around and take a look – when Cynthia took one look at her new youthful neck – it was a defining moment for me witnessing her excitement and genuine happiness with the product.

Now as business partners, hence four years later and oodles of product testing…we now have a safe product to give you an “instant” neck lift only this time it’s skin friendly, hypo allergic, latex free, almost transparent on the skin, moisture resistant and most importantly it works Instantly!

To think one Magic strip applied to the back of the neck dramatically smooth’s away lines, skin sags and folds with one simple application each and every time you want to look your best.


“You will love the Magic!” – Gail & Cynthia

“We want to show as many women as we can the Magic of NeckTITE. To use it, to love it and be beautiful, now and always.”