Top Fears of Aging Women and the Reason NeckTITEMagic is in Business

Women all around the world worry about a variety of possibilities as they grow older. And though there is some variation as to what we are most concerned about depending upon within which nation we live, there are indeed some fears that women share all around the globe.

In America, the top fears of baby boomer women are:

5. Becoming Dependent on others

4. Cancer

3. Not Having Enough Money for Retirement

2. Eventually Being Left Alone

1. Losing Attractiveness

Does it surprise you that becoming less attractive is a larger fear for baby boomer women than even getting cancer, lack of financial security in later years, and even being left alone? It does not surprise us, for we share that same fear.

That same survey, done by the British health care company Bupa Health Pulse of the aging women in a dozen nations, found that British women of the same age were likewise most frightened of the loss of their good looks. However, when all of the answers of the respondents from Australia, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Russia, India, China, and the United States were compiled, loss of independence became the top fear with 28 percent of all respondents giving that answer as loss of beauty dropped to the third spot.

We started NeckTITE Magic because, as I wrote above, we share your fear and we had experienced very little success tightening our necks and jaw lines with the lotions on the market and were also growing tired of hiding our problem necks with scarfs and other dressings. And, neither of us was willing to go the plastic surgery route. Our desire to look our best at special events is what lead to the creation of our simple application that instantly smoothes away lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin around our jaw lines and necks.

We love helping others. And, while we do not have the power to help you financially prepare for the future, ease your fear of cancer, or keep your loved ones safe and alive, we definitely have the ability to help you keep your beauty. Please give our application a try and then when you are thrilled with the results, share the the NeckTITE Magic story with others. Together, we can help women around the globe conquer their greatest fear!

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