From Co-worker to Supervisor

Your hard work, the long hours you put in and your dedication has finally paid off with a promotion.  Someone did notice all you do and sacrifice for a job well done.  The initial exhilaration wears off, and while you are still full of pride, now you have trepidation.  You are no longer just another co-worker on your team.  Now, you are the supervisor of the same people you call friends and team members.

Making the transition from co-worker to boss can be difficult, frustrating and sometimes uncomfortable, so acting and looking the part, while maintaining the core of who you are is mandatory for success.

It is important to remember that even though you are the boss now, you are still a member of a team.  Your job description may have changed, but it is just as important or even more so to support each and every member of your team.

Effective communication with your team is an essential key to being the best boss you can be.  Keep your door and mind open.  Don’t forget that you were once the person on the outside of the door and offer the same courtesy, respect and fairness you wanted for yourself.

As the boss, don’t be afraid to take charge.  If you find that the co-worker you once teased for her occasional tardiness is now late several times a week, you need to take a stand so you are not being taken advantage of.  Your employees will respect you for your stand, especially if you remind them that you are on their side.

Look the part.  It seems that it is not uncommon for promotions to be given to younger, less experienced personnel.  Companies want a young and up and energetic feel that some believe is only found in youth, but you have broken that barrier with your strengths.  Still, it won’t hurt to dress to impress and look great every day.  So what if you’re fifty?  Nobody needs to know.  Neck Tite Magic is just for you!  Looking and feeling younger is easy with these wonder strips.  Take away years without surgery, injections or messy creams.

Remember that when learning how to transition from co-worker to supervisor, it will take time and patience, but you have all the tools you need to make a wrinkle-free transition.

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