A Surgical Neck Lift, Is It Worth The Risk?

a-babys-coming-565751-mHere’s a general rule, skin cannot hold tension. If the infrastructure of your neck (muscle, fat, glands, etc.) is saggy, then no amount of skin undermining or tightening will give you a long, lasting youthful neck.

A Gradual, Overnight Change
As we age, our appearance changes. With maturity, the face retains a full and soft look while assuming a more adult proportion. It is sometime within this window of young adulthood that we imprint our body image. We learn to identify ourselves and that self is whom we recognize when we look in the mirror. The decades inevitably bring about changes in our appearance. The skin loses its elasticity, and we see sagging and wrinkles. Something is missing. You can still look good, but it is different. Facial volume shifts and sometimes shrinks, the apple of the cheek is lost. Jowls appear and you wonder if the fat marched from the cheek toward the chin, ready to jump off. The neck muscles become more visible like tight bands pulling the face toward the chest. The facial bones change and you look somewhat skeletal. All of these events occur to us in varying degrees. We may not see it coming, but when it hits, we know it. And we wonder, is it too late?

Potential Risks of Neck Lift Surgery
Anytime you have surgery, things can go very wrong. And necklift surgery is no exception. There is no way of predicting which people will suffer negative effects from surgical procedures and which won’t, but if you are concerned about your appearance, surgical intervention might just be the last thing you would ever want to try. Especially after reading this one woman’s neck lift surgery story and its unfortunate outcome:

The Neck Lift Procedure
Things started out pretty simply. She was injected with local anesthetic in and around her neck area instead of being put to sleep. Then the plastic surgeon made what was to be a minor incision under her chin. She then felt a painless pushing and tugging until he pushed or pulled something on her right jaw. She told them she felt something and the assistant asked if was pain or pressure. She said it was pain. But, despite her pain, the neck lift surgery continued. She believed a muscle on the right side of her neck/jaw had been ripped. Her fears were confirmed when she saw him suturing the plat muscle. At the end of the neck lift procedure, a tight ace bandage was wrapped around her head.They then provided her with a hotel room for two nights. She ended up paying to stay the night prior to and the night after surgery, to be able to get her dressing changed. It was fortunate she had, because the day after her neck lift surgery, her chin incision had opened up and while still in a great deal of pain, she had to be resutured.

Follow Up To An Irregular Neck Lift Surgery
At the next week’s visit, the patient hadn’t made any progress, she even had to have fluid drawn from her neck. During the weekend after the aspiration, more fluid accumulated, making her uncomfortable and anxious. When she would tilt her head it would move from one side of her neck to the other. So she called the 24 hour doctor assistance number to no avail. She called again during the day and was finally given an appointment for the following Saturday, where the doctor drew more than 5 CCs of fluid from her neck and then placed her in a “sling”. On her return visit the skin on her neck had started to detach and looked lumpy and hard as a rock. She was instructed to get an ultrasound handheld device (Retailing over $100!) to use to help with the scarring. She could not get out of there fast enough without crying. Instead of improving the way her neck looked, she fears it now looks far worse. She wound up feeling as though she had been maimed for the rest of her life, and has to live with the unfortunate, but all too common results of an unsuccessful neck lift.

Although plastic surgery is advertised as a quick fix, it is often quite far from that. Plastic surgery should not be taken lightly as it can cause irreparable physical and psychological damage. Not to mention, plastic surgery and its follow up procedures can cost thousands of dollars and most are not covered by insurance.

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