Understanding the Side Effects of Neck Lift

Aside from the botox procedure and other similar tightening and anti-aging surgical processes often done on the face, many women in their fifties and up often opt for a neck lift. Yes, this will certainly help you enjoy a smoother, younger-looking neck. Just imagine how many years can be taken off your actual age when you do this, especially since the neck area is usually exposed.

Risky Business
Getting a neck lift comes with risks. After all, it involves an actual incision and the removal of fat through liposuction or cutting. The neck muscles are tightened and excess skin is eliminated.

Sounds yucky and painful? Well, you’ll feel numb from the anesthesia. Nevertheless, you’ll still feel a burning sensation every now and then, and you might also feel the pulling. What’s more, the entire process is bound to be uncomfortable and messy, not to mention expensive.

In the same way that such procedures come with the risk of infections, you’ll also need to be wary of this tendency. It’s important to watch out for discharges from your incision or wound as well as to constantly check your temperature during the recovery period. There may also be allergic reactions from given medications.

Recovery Period
Once the neck lift has been completed, you can’t just go back to your usual routine. You need to rest at home, take a break from work, and be sure to follow the recommended intake of medication. This period often lasts for about two weeks.

In addition, for a week or more after this period, you’ll still be prohibited from participating in sports and other physical activities.

Expect your neck to swell and be all bruised after the procedure. Thus, you won’t want to go out or attend any special events.

Indeed there are plenty of things that you have to know and prepare before, during, and after a neck lift.

Now that you’re well aware of the side effects, are you sure you still want to go through with it? If you’re having doubts, though, don’t fret. There are other ways in which you can enhance your looks without having to go under the needle.

With the progressive technology available today, we’ve come up with a remarkable product to help you with this problem— our innovative and very effective NeckTITE Magic strip! You can apply it within a few seconds only and the invisible adhesive will immediately make your skin wrinkles, lines, and folds on the neck disappear. It works for ten hours and is designed to be moisture resistant. Furthermore, you probably won’t even feel it’s there because it’s comfy and skin-friendly too.

With this great neck lift alternative, you’ll surely look and feel younger and more beautiful.

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