Looking Good to Feeling Good: The Psychology of Looking Your Best at Any Age

The neck is the easiest giveaway to a woman’s real age. And many a woman have devised ways with which to hide this offending body part – scarves, turtlenecks, heaps of jewelry and upturned collars. These temporary remedies, however, can only do so much. What if the weather doesn’t call for a scarf or turtleneck? What if popped collars are no longer in vogue?

Thanks to surgery, the offending neck can easily be corrected. A big ‘but’ however is that surgery is not for everyone, even to those who would be more than willing to invest significant amounts just to smooth out the area below the jawline and above the collarbone. Cosmetic surgery, while for aesthetic purposes, is still surgery, and therefore requires careful consultation with a surgeon who may reveal that, due to age, your genetic makeup, your state of health, you are not eligible for it. What then?

The good news is that you wouldn’t have to risk your health nor part with cash anymore (nor put up with the bothersome scarf or popped collar). You may have reached a certain age to believe in magic, but science and common sense – that and an eye for spotting real needs – can do wonders; hence, the birth of NeckTITE.

NeckTITE is safe, inexpensive, applicable on-demand and requires zero maintenance. And the best part is giving you the results you want – smoother and firmer neck and tighter jaw line – instantly! It’s like having your own magic wand and waving it whenever the occasion calls for it – an impromptu dinner, a last-minute conference, a reunion called on short notice. Put NeckTITE on and all you need is a killer dress to go with the event.

While there may surround a lot of fuss about looking good at any age, looking good at a certain age becomes all the more important as it directly affects a person’s sense of self. Psychologists call it ‘Appearance-Based Rejection Sensitivity.’ Some women may not be as sensitive as others, but all can benefit from the emotional boost that comes from being complimented, especially by people in their lives from whom they crave genuine appreciation.

The easiest and fastest way to up one’s self-confidence is appearance, because it starts a cascade of events that leads to higher self-esteem. If you are complimented with how you look, you tend to get more inspired to not only look but feel healthier as well. You realize more doors are open when you are no longer shy with how you present yourself to the world. You become more outgoing, and explore other activities which you may have shunned in the past. As a result, your activities become more varied, your life richer, and your perspective brighter.

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