Sagging Skin: Understanding the Causes

It’s definitely frustrating when you notice the skin beneath your arms sagging and when you find your cheeks and neck drooping with folded and flabby skin. Yes, it comes with age and some simply accept it as it is. Nevertheless, there are actually ways in which you can enhance your physical beauty even as you get older. This way, you don’t have to look your age.

What Causes Your Skin to Sag?
Aging is the primary cause of sagging skin. When your skin ages, the collagen weakens and even the supportive tissue called elastin can be lost. These two are responsible for making your skin look firm, soft, and healthy. This is why there are plenty of anti-aging products that aim to restore and strengthen collagen and elastin.

Aside from aging, there are other reasons that can cause your skin to sag more or earlier than it’s supposed to. For one, if you’re often exposed to the harsh rays of the sun, surely you’re at high risk. Hence, it’s important to make it a habit to apply the right amount and level of sunscreen daily.

Another common reason is fast weight loss, especially without proper exercise and physical activity. This is especially true for those who’ve lost a lot of weight abruptly. The tendency of the skin is to sag because it’s been too stretched out and was not given enough time to adjust back. In connection to this cause, you’ll find that a lot of pregnant women experience this and end up with lolling skin.

How Can You Treat Sagging Skin?
You may not be able to help aging, but you can still delay the process. These days, there are numerous natural anti-aging methods that don’t have to put you under the needle. You can take supplements, eat anti-oxidant rich foods, avoid smoking and other vices, and try topical treatments especially designed for anti-aging.

Ensure a good beauty regimen that suits your skin type. You might want to consult a skin specialist about this. Moreover, don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day.

If you intend to lose a lot of weight, it’s best to do it gradually and not just with diet. You need to engage in the right types of exercises regularly too. Many experts recommend only a maximum of 2 pounds loss per week. This advice also applies to those who have gained weight due to pregnancy.

Indeed all of these tips may work, depending on your body and on how committed you are. But they all take time. Now if you want a quick fix while working on the long term treatments, we offer our cutting edge technology— the NeckTITE Magic strip! It’s been proven over and again to instantly make your neck look firm, smooth, and youthful through the invisible tape. Even sagging skin on your neck will not be able to put up a fight against this amazing technology. What’s more, our product is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, and can last for up to ten hours.

Stock up on your NeckTITE Magic strips to cover up your sagging skin on the neck temporarily so that you can enjoy a more youthful appearance not just on special occasions but every single day.

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