Neck Lift Alternatives

Many of us, especially women over 40, just do not like their necks. After all, thanks to its home being right below the face, the neck is one of the most commonly-viewed body part and also a body part that sags the most.

Because of this, some people suffering from a turkey neck turn to invasive procedures such as Botox injections and neck lift surgeries to tighten up their throat exteriors. But, the downsides to these types of neck lift and smoothing procedures are clear. For example, the injecting of the neuro-toxin Botox can cause all sorts of problems to include headaches, allergic reactions, pain at the injection site, and prolonged shortness of breath.

Meanwhile, the ultra-invasive neck lift surgical procedure brings with it threats that are even more serious. First of all, all surgical procedures can lead to dire injury and even death. Just some of the other dangers a patient faces when she goes under for a neck lift surgery include nerve damage, visible scars, and infection.

The good news is that there are plenty of safe alternatives to neck lift procedures. The first alternative is of course NeckTITE Magic which works instantly with a single simple application that is both safe and inexpensive.

Another alternative to a neck lift is tightening cream. Though these can tighten loose neck skin, they take many months to take effect. Another neck lift alternative option is liposuction, which for some patients has worked well. However, it is costly and, being a surgery, carries with it many of the same risks that an actual neck lift procedure does. If you do decide to go with lipo to tighten the skin of your saggy neck, make sure you do not have too much of the sub dermal fat removed since this can leave you with an even saggier neck.

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